Why Local Suboxone Clinics in New Bedford Prefer Individualized Treatment Plans?

Local suboxone doctors in New Bedford
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There are several ways to treat addiction-related issues. However, of all of them, seeking individualized treatment is the most effective option. Local suboxone doctors in New Bedford provide a customized care course that addresses the patient’s unique situations and needs.

While addiction affects different individuals differently, pursuing a one size fit for all plan is not an ideal option. Let us take an instance; Search online “sublocade near me.” Find out how after suboxone doctors diagnose a patient, there are many things to consider, i.e., medical history, lifestyle, and more. Two patients diagnosed with the same condition may often follow different treatment processes.

It shouldn’t be surprising to know that two people suffering from addiction may have different histories, risk factors, and more. Placing these people under the same form may not be applicable or sometimes lead to fatalities. Here’s our podcast that you might want to listen


However, when you seek help from a professional from the opioid clinic in New Bedford, these experts consider all the factors and offer a customized treatment process. Individual treatment falls under the category of medication-assisted treatment or MAT.

Benefits of Individualized Treatment Plan

You must have now understood the significance of individualized treatment. However, we’ll equally focus on benefits that you can avail of from it.

One substantial advantage of the treatment plan is its flexibility. Unlike the fixed treatment process for opioid abuse, the individualized plan is pretty flexible. Now this varies from Sublocade medication dosage, counseling frequency, and many more. You have the option to change many elements as the patient progresses. You can search “suboxone doctors near me” to find out how treatment works for more details.

The treatment process is undoubtedly hectic; however, you have a group of medical experts following your case when you avail of the individualized plan. This means that the patient is directly under the watch of a professional, which may not happen in group treatment. A recent study conducted that providers who can provide services that typically focus on patients have lower retention rates in treatment programs.

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Designing Your Individualized Plan

Individualized treatment is the core of the recovery process. Sublocade shot assists patients to move out of addiction towards real and sustainable freedom. To achieve the best result, clinics evaluate the patient thoroughly and develop a treatment plan.

However, you can Google “opioid clinic near me” or “suboxone clinic near me” to understand the overall treatment process. Each person varies; therefore, there’s no gold standard individual treatment plan. However, there is a process that medical professionals can follow when developing an ideal treatment plan.

The critical point when developing a medical plan includes knowing about the facets of a patient’s life. The factors that affect a patient’s treatment plan include

  • Age
  • Substance of choice
  • Family history
  • Mental health
  • Lifestyle (stress levels, relationship, etc.)
  • Severity and length of addiction

All the information mentioned above allows a skilled practitioner to develop a course of action for the individual. The severity of the addiction might affect the dosage of suboxone that a medical expert will prescribe as a part of the process.

Another significant component is behavioral treatment. A patient dealing with improving their mental health should opt for counselling. With that said, increment or decrement of dosage frequency needs to be dealt with correctly.

At the local suboxone clinics in New Bedford, counseling is a choice rather than compulsion, similar to our many fixed plans.

Customized Approach for Treating Addiction

Opioid therapy clinics run personalized treatment processes. When patients get the option for a periodic evaluation individually, there are zero worries. With efficient medical staff with long-term exposure, we work with each of our patients for a quick recovery process.

Having the option of a personalized case manager guides you through the recovery process. To find assistance from a genuinely support team, get in touch with us now.  

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