The Link between Mental Trauma and Drug Dependence: An Insight:

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Various types of drug and substance abuse and addiction have created a harrowing effect on the global population. It is not only evident in the US, but all over the world where people are falling prey to drugs and substances irrespective of their race, ethnicities, culture, age groups, and various other demographics. Drugs and substances make no discrimination when it comes to claiming the lives of the thousands of people who are undergoing some pain or psychological issues of some sort and resort to shortcuts like substance abuse to alleviate those. However, they end up being slaves to drugs and substances in the process.

Local suboxone doctors in New Bedford explain how trauma triggers substance addiction:

Addiction can be due to multiple reasons, one being mental trauma. Based on American Psychological Association (APA), long-term mental and emotional stress is directly linked to most addictions. Therefore, a person turns towards substance addiction to handle traumatic conditions such as sexual assaults, accidents, natural calamities, and financial crises. The severity of a traumatic situation differs from person to person, but indications of mental trauma are more or less the same in every individual. Experts at local suboxone doctors in New Bedford state that ignoring the signs of mental illness may prolong mental suffering, resulting in potential drug addiction.

Signs of mental illness:

Any individual, irrespective of age, ethnicity, sex, and color, may face mental trauma at some point in life. Further, the condition worsens when an individual is stuck in a loop of stress and feels detached from the outside world. In many cases, mental trauma often leads to physical stress causing anxiety and depression. A person fails to differentiate an emergency and the memory of any event in the past, making it challenging to deal with mental and emotional stress. Doctors at local suboxone clinics in New Bedford look for several signs of mental trauma discussed below.

  • Unpredictable behavior, irritability, and mood swings
  • Sudden emotional outburst
  • Severe confusion and lack of confidence
  • Sleeping issues and eating disorders
  • Notable physical changes like trimming all of your hair, body piercing, and inappropriate apparel.
  • Living in past
  • Nausea, vomiting, and headache

How addiction and trauma are correlated?

The human brain is an organ that can adapt to the slightest experience in life that may allow a person to learn new skills according to the situation. Every action by a human leads to apparent changes in neurons, which help adjust to the problem. Mental health experts at the suboxone clinic near me have defined a strong connection between addiction and mental health issues. As the brain can adapt to anything, people are vulnerable to experience traumatic conditions in their adulthood. Due to repeated mental trauma, people may change their thinking and behavior towards other people and situations.

As stated by opioid treatment doctors near me, a mild situation may seem life-threatening if a person has never suffered a traumatic state. Further, children undergoing traumatic events are more likely to develop drug and alcohol addiction than their adult counterparts. Diet irregularities and unhealthy food is also a common reason which can affect cortical hormones responsible for stress. Post-traumatic stress disorder is also a result of an untreated medical condition where a person abuses drugs to deal with existing trauma in their life.

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Although drugs can provide temporary relief from traumatic conditions, they may worsen the condition in later stages of life. According to asublocade treatment doctor, a psychological situation left untreated for a long time may provoke a person to develop substance addiction. Further, mental illness linked with addiction can altogether produce a detrimental effect on a person’s psychological and physical health.

Treating the co-occurring condition of addiction and trauma:

While getting yourself treated for mental trauma and addiction, it is essential to have a compassionate and trustworthy therapist by your side. Developing trust and understanding with opioid treatment doctors in New Bedford can help a person recover faster. Further, there are multiple approaches available to get started with the treatment. Widespread addiction centers provide behavioral therapy, holistic therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy to help individuals recover from trauma and addiction.

A person with drug addiction and mental illness is someone who needs special care and support. Although medications can help relieve symptoms in the sufferer, encouragement and a positive attitude are required for a speedy recovery. Often families and relatives neglect the support required by the person undergoing stress. Lack of support from loved ones leads to erratic behavior, making it difficult for suboxone doctors near me to treat psychological conditions.


Mental trauma and addiction symptoms can be treated if a person agrees to get them treated on time. Sublocade doctors near me encounter more children addicted to drugs as compared to adults. While drug dependence can relieve stress-related issues, it is likely to worsen the condition in upcoming years.

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