Staying away from the common gateway drugs can help prevent addiction

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Addiction is a common ailment. The individuals who reel under the influence of various illicit drugs and substances might have been at the edge of their endurance. Depression, absence of a proper support system, degrading family environment, a triggering event or situation, mismanagement of all of these could lead to potential addiction issues. According to local suboxone doctors in New Bedford, there exists conclusive evidence about experimentation with certain drugs and illicit substances, which pave the way for further abuse. These drugs and substances are known as Gateway Drugs. Since time immemorial, suboxone doctors and other medical professionals have vehemently spoken about and criticized Gateway Drugs. Alcohol, marijuana, and prescription medication are considered to be some of the most notable Gateway Drugs. Suboxone doctors near me believe that these Gateway Drugs accelerate the entry and subsequent abuse of other drugs and substances in the life of an individual.

Suboxone clinic in New Bedford explains the nature and actions of a Gateway Drug for your convenience:

As local suboxone doctors in New Bedford put it forward, the why’s and what’s surrounding a Gateway Drug are immense. But the definition of a Gateway Drug is not that difficult. According to a suboxone clinic in New Bedford, a Gateway Drug refers to a habit-forming substance that leads to the usage of more potent and more addictive substances for a person. These Gateway Drugs reduce the guilt of using more potent drugs or substances since these are considered to be softer drugs.

Opioid treatment doctors in New Bedford have stated that alcohol, marijuana, and prescription pills are Gateway Drugs. You may wonder why? When a person uses alcohol, prescription pills or marijuana for either experimentation purposes or as a coping mechanism, they do not feel the guilt or shame surrounding using drugs. They think that they are not giving in to more harmful drugs and therefore consider their behavior justified. Since these individuals dismiss any warnings which come with the use of such Gateway Drugs being dangerous to their health, consequently they are quite comfortable using them. Often, these individuals vociferously defend their usage of such Gateway Drugs. Opioid treatment doctors in New Bedford claims that this attitude is slowly transmitted through more potent drugs and illicit substances like barbiturates, opiates, and opioids.

Why is there an air of ease surrounding the use of Gateway Drugs?

Several people who use Gateway Drugs because of specific reasons endorse their usage because these drugs do not make a person an addict. Though these people are consonant with the views of the local suboxone doctors in New Bedford that these drugs could lead to addiction, they downplay the effects of Gateway Drugs because these do not mark an individual as an addict. According to opioid doctors in New Bedford, many factors come into play before addiction develops. Dependence varies from individual to individual, and their growing tolerance level determines their addiction. However, the suboxone clinic in New Bedford also voices that not everyone who uses alcohol or marijuana or prescription pills will eventually become addicted.

What are the risk factors of addiction surrounding the use of Gateway Drugs?

As local suboxone doctors in New Bedford state, the risk of substance addiction varies with different individuals. While you might have casually used drugs and substances for a long time and encountered no risk of addiction and no reason to search for a sublocade near me, someone else might have used drugs and substances for a very short while and struggled with dependence and addiction from the word go. These individuals should be searching for a competent suboxone clinic near me or an opioid treatment near me if they want to get out of the substance addiction and reclaim the joys of living a healthy life.

Suboxone clinics in New Bedford dive deep to find the overall risk of addiction from the continued usage of Gateway Drugs. The risk of developing a substantial amount of substance addiction from the use of Gateway Drugs depends on an array of factors. But the consumption of Gateway Drugs when there are several other risk factors for addiction might jeopardize your life and put you in the danger of sustaining long-term dependence.

Opioid treatment doctors in New Bedford have listed these risk factors as follows.

  • Genetic formation and the subsequent tendency of developing an addiction
  • Environmental factors which favor or denounce addiction
  • Personal history of drug use
  • History of addiction present in the family or former generations
  • Mental health conditions and the presence of co-occurring mental health issues
  • Presence of friends and peers who are into frequent use of drugs and substances
  • Age at which the first instance of alcohol or drug use was registered.

With the continual usage of Gateway Drugs, these risk factors of addiction need to be ascertained. These risk factors help to determine how easily dependence develops. Alternatively, these risk factors also help a person in understanding the amount of help and assistance that he or she might require in an outpatient treatment program or a rehabilitation facility to break the chain of addiction.

How to break the chain of addiction?

Suboxone doctors near me are of the notion that you not only require a steely resolve and focus on breaking out of addiction but also a good quality of treatment. Excellent quality of addiction treatment will help you to break the chain of addiction and attain recovery by leading a life of sobriety. Local suboxone doctors in New Bedford say that a good quality of addiction treatment includes the following programs.

  • Medically supervised detoxification procedure
  • Inpatient rehabilitation facilities
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Daytime treatment
  • Extended care
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment
  • Inclusion of various therapeutic treatments apart from the use of medication.

Resorting to these treatments will assist you in your recovery journey.

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