Is this pandemic triggering substance addiction?

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The unforeseen and unprecedented pandemic has landed a heavy blow over all humanity. The fear of being affected and suffering from the novel coronavirus strain has pushed everyone behind closed doors. With economies around the world tumbling and social interaction reaching a bare minimum, you are likely going through a tough time dealing with your emotions. The opioid treatment doctors in New Bedford point out that it could be highly probable that such times of trouble and despair lead to the development of maladaptive responses and improper coping mechanisms like drugs and substance abuse.

Doctors and professionals offering sublocade treatment explores the link between social distancing and substance addiction:

The doctors and the medical professionals practicing at the local suboxone clinics in New Bedford say that isolation creates a challenging environment for people who face a lot of trouble controlling their emotions. The unprecedented nature of the pandemic has forced people to isolate themselves and do away with social interaction. The opioid treatment doctors near me feel that it has led to more people succumbing to the lures of drugs and substance addiction. According to the doctors at a suboxone clinic near me, social distancing and isolation can be devious and breed addiction amongst individuals.

Social distancing and isolation breed anxieties when you lose the touch of your support group or your peers and colleagues whose calming presence helped you to drown your fears. Your most intimate friends were always up for positive advice when you were suffering from depression and anxiety. The local suboxone doctors in New Bedford comment that these people who encourage positive coping mechanisms in you are on the brink of disappearance with the imposed social distancing norms and the stringent lockdown measures. As a result, it might trigger your improper coping mechanisms to deal with the disconcerting thoughts and the plethora of emotions that ravage your existence.

Therefore, drugs and substance abuse would become a trendy alternative to developing appropriate coping mechanisms, according to the suboxone doctors near me. The local suboxone doctors in New Bedford believe that the use of drugs and substances could have a pleasurable effect that helps you immerse your thoughts and emotions. This numbing experience is short-lived, and therefore, craving it will lead you to develop a chronic substance abuse disorder.

Similarities between social distancing and substance addiction:

The COVID-19 pandemic has made social distancing the need of the hour. But the doctors specializing in sublocade treatment feel that people with substance abuse disorder practice a lot of social distancing. It is habitual to remove themselves from the rest of society due to feelings of shame, anxiety, a terrible guilt conscience, and low self-esteem. Therefore, the opioid treatment doctors in New Bedford feel that such similar conditions of social isolation might provoke substance addiction in individuals which they had been trying to evade.

Strategies to ward off substance addiction triggers during the pandemic:

The opioid treatment doctors near me feel that rephrasing social distancing as physical distancing would do a lot of good to the individuals who are encountering substance addiction triggers while self-isolating during the pandemic. It is a more friendly term that would help calm the anxieties and stay secure while maintaining sobriety.

● Staying connected:

The lockdown orders should not prevent you from staying connected with your friends, family, and support groups. The opioid treatment doctors near me feel that calling, video-chatting, and texting could be some of the best ways to stay connected and feel accountable to yourself and others as a part of your recovery regime.

● Developing a healthy routine:

The medical professionals at the local suboxone clinics in New Bedford feel that a healthy schedule would alleviate your anxiety and boredom and develop a sense of purpose, helping you in maintaining focus.

● Being regular and relentless about nutrition and exercise:

Prioritizing your health would fast-forward your recovery journey, according to the local suboxone doctors in New Bedford. Being relentless about maintaining a healthy diet and exercising will prevent you from developing maladaptive responses like substance addiction.

● Limiting media consumption:

The current situation might compel you to follow social media, news, and podcasts, but it often becomes overwhelming. Mindless scrolling, misinformation, the bombardment of COVID-19 updates will develop digital addiction, which is akin to substance addiction. The suboxone doctors near me emphasize limiting media consumption to barely thirty minutes per day and focusing on positive content.

● Getting stuff done:

Boredom is a strong addiction trigger, while addiction breeds boredom. Therefore, this pandemic could prove to be a harrowing period as there is a lot of time for yourself to indulge in the lures of drugs and substances. The doctors at a suboxone clinic near me suggest that you start by organizing and making a list of all the pending tasks that you wanted to do for a long time and start doing them. Being busy will channelize your mind into more positive thoughts than allowing it to find solace in drugs and substances.

● Helping others:

The COVID-19 pandemic is negatively affecting several lives. Offering your help and services to people in need would buoy your positive attitude and keep drug addiction at bay.

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