How To Help Your Addicted Spouse And Stay Sane At The Same Time?

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Love knows no bounds, and so does addiction. Any sort of substance abuse issue can change the way an individual sees the world. If your spouse is an addict, you would know how addiction can disrupt your life eventually. Thus, many look for opioid treatment doctors in New Bedford for their opioid addict spouse. Here is a guide on how to help your opioid addict spouse, keep them safe and sober at the same time –

How to Help Your Addict Spouse? 

One thing that you need to get straight that there is rarely any chance of your addicted spouse giving you the credit of them getting recovered. It is also not your job or thing to get them sober. You can help them to get sober. Your job is to get them to a place where they have the will to get sober. You can appoint any sublocade doctors near me to help them.

It has to be them who want to get sober. Or else it is just a waste to get them admitted to any suboxone clinic in New Bedford. If your spouse gets sober at any point in the future, it will be his or her effort and will-power. Your role will be to support them throughout the process.

When your opioid addict spouse is under treatment of any suboxone doctors in New Bedford, you must prepare yourself for an extremely complex time. It will be way more distressing than you think it will be. Check out what to do and what to not –


  • Gain knowledge about addiction as an illness. 
  • Look after you, if possible, get help for yourself. 
  • Get your marriage or family counseling. 
  • Get Counselling for them. Search for Suboxone clinics near me, and they ought to offer to counsel for addicts. 
  • Show love towards them without actually ‘showing’ them. For instance, you can place them on the bed after they have passed out. 
  • Use ultimatums with them, if only you can follow them later. 
  • Be precise about how you feel. 


  • Avoid the issue your marriage is facing due to their addiction. 
  • Start using drugs with them. 
  • Makeup or make excuses for them. 
  • Disrespect or judge them for their problem of drug abuse. 
  • Lay your wellbeing at your spouse’s addiction problem. 
  • Blame you for your substance abuse problem. 
  • Be dishonest with your addicted spouse. 
  • Use ultimatums but fail to follow through with them. 
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How to Keep them Sane?

If your spouse is shackled to addiction, it can be really painful. Watching your loved one destroying their life can make you feel helpless. In such a distressing time, you would have to keep him and yourself sane. Here is how –

Educate Yourself on the Disease 

All opioid treatment doctors in New Bedford will agree to how influential addiction is on one’s brain. It will turn your loved ones into someone unknown. You will find yourself dealing with a completely different person. However, you would have to differentiate your loved ones from their addiction. You can start by educating yourself about their disease. This education about the disease will make you understand how you hate the disease but not your spouse.

Keep Supporting

You can search for suboxone doctors near me and appoint the best doctors for your opioid-addicted spouse, but it has to be them who want to get cured. All you can do is support your spouse through and through. Do not blame, disrespect, or shame your spouse for the disease they have. Our spouse needs to feel loved and supported to get out of the evil that is their addiction. You may not stop their dependency or control it, but you can make an influence it.

Necessary steps need to be taken when your spouse is going through sublocade dosing. You can go through the instructions given here to offer them the right support.

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