How Drug Abuse Can Disturb Society And You?

Suboxone clinic in New Bedford
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Engaging in risk-taking activities and behaviors are very common among those who abuse drugs. Mental disorders, committing crime these are a few common traits among drug-using individuals. According to the Suboxone clinic in New Bedford, drug abusers tend to feel inclined to such rebellious and destructive activities.

At any given time, almost 10% of the US populace is abusing drugs and alcohol, with multitudes of families, neighbors, friends, businesses, and co-workers being directly affected. Suboxone Doctors in New Bedford have noticed a substantial amount of normal people experience direct and indirect impacts of drug abuse just because they are bound to spend time with the drug addict due to social or professional reasons.

Drug abuse is associated with increased rates of child abuse, foster care child placements, prison sentences, college sexual assaults, and lost productivity coupled with increased work-related injuries.

How Drug Abuse Affects Families?

The family of the drug-addicted are the hardest hit. The instability inside the family and among the family members ranges from heated arguments to high levels of criticism, from negativism and judgments to parental conflict, or even denial. Misapplied anger between the addicted and his or her family members is common. The entire structure and ambiance of the family can be disturbed, and it may take a long time to get back the lost and forgotten natural peace.

If one partner is addicted to drugs, then it may lead to domestic violence, acute poverty, joblessness, and even divorce. Children with one or more parents using drugs may face emotional and mental trauma. These kids commonly lack supplies, including shelter, and have almost no health care.

Similarly, families of addicted can end up homeless and clueless as well. Suboxone treatment centers in New Bedfordeveryday encounters this kind of distressed families and sufferers. Sometimes they even require psychological counseling to get back on track.

If you are living with an addict and feel like you need some help or feel tempted to use drugs, then search “sublocade near me” or “Suboxone treatment centers near me.” They are eager to help you out. Remember, you are not by yourself in this, and you do not have to fight it all without any help.

Drug Addiction- Impact On Employers And Co-Workers

Have you ever encountered a co-worker, totally high while at work?

Do you have to confront an employee who always neglects his job because of his or her series of a hangover?

National Survey on Drug Use and Health or NSDUH has stated that at least one in 13 employed adults has an alcohol disorder. One study stated that drug misuse was blameable for a 17% drop in productivity for males and an 18% drop in output for women. One evaluation found the yearly cost of impulsive absenteeism – that can be an unplanned personal day, a sick day, or an inexplicable absence – was $660/employee. [1]

Co-workers of drug abusers usually take on added tasks at work to accommodate shrinkages in productivity. Sometimes they also need to work longer hours to cover up the damages caused by the drug-addicted individuals. A loss in output affects businesses directly, and if drug-use is extensive, it can lead to the loss of the business. According to Suboxone treatment in New Bedford, many employers arrange anti-drug events with the help of the volunteers and practitioners, but the employees need to be more responsible to stop this social epidemic.

Suboxone treatment centers in New Bedford

Crime Rate And Drug Addiction

Drug-related imprisonments make up more than 50% of federal prison populaces and approximately 20% of state prison populations. Now the cost of keeping all these prisoners is being paid by the commoners and taxpayers. The whole vicious cycle of drug-epidemic can slowly and gradually drain a country in every possible way.

To understand and get a holistic picture of how drug abuse is slowly damaging the foundation of our society, let’s emphasize the specific issues:

  • Increased rate of child abuse
  • The upsurge in child custody losses
  • Homelessness of kids of drug-addicted parents
  • Increase in domestic violence
  • Amplified rates of poverty and scarcity
  • Extensive financial health care load
  • Increased rates of co-occurring mental disorders
  • Intensification in insurance premiums, and taxes
  • Increased pressure on co-workers
  • Increase in the number of individuals incarcerated in prisons
  • Increase in amounts of violent crimes in ordinary families and on college campuses
  • Losses in returns for businesses and universities

Drug obsession is a multifaceted disorder with far-reaching concerns for those who are associated or work with the drug-addicted individual. Suboxone treatment centers in New Bedford have reported an increased rate of mass anxiety among commoners who has to tolerate or co-exist in a society full of drug addicts. They are concerned about their kids or partners. The drug is a social issue that required individual awareness and active initiatives.

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