7 Common Myths Revolving Around the Market About Substance Addiction

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Drug abuse is rising but what is more shocking to know is the stereotype that is running around. Although substance abuse should never be treated as a disease, patients have who visit suboxone treatment in New Bedford have faced many circumstances that have laid down their trust in themselves. The recovery path is not easy, and judging the past is not a good thing either. Many people globally struggle with substance abuse, and they need proper care to win the battle.  

As you read further, we will debunk about the myths that have crept in. With the help of expert suboxone doctors from the opioid clinic in New Bedford, we’re dispelling the top seven myths and misconceptions about opioid addiction.

Prescription Medication Is Not Addictive

Prescription drugs are equally harmful. These medications should be guided under an expert or through a clinic that treats patients. Even if these medications are legal and prescribed by a doctor, the myth revolves around its safe usage and non-addictive nature. This is exactly the opposite. For opioid treatment, the suboxone clinic prefers suboxone, but the overdose may be highly addictive.

Patients Can Quit Addiction Anytime

People mistakenly conclude that patients experiencing addiction can discontinue anytime when they want. However, this is not true. Addiction is more or less like a habit which is hard to stop. You should also know that addictive drugs release ten times powerful dopamine than the natural form. Such release causes an abnormal situation. Therefore, it is best to seek opioid treatment doctors in Bedford to get back normal. Meanwhile, once addiction takes hold, the body and mind completely become dependent on drugs.

Treatment Is Essential Only If They Hit Rock Bottom

One of the common misconceptions about substance addiction is that one should seek help from local suboxone treatment in New Bedford only if the circumstances become severe. This is a total myth, and this can be very dangerous. Meanwhile, the longer you wait, the harder it gets. If the body becomes dependent on the substance, addiction quickly spirals out of control. There have been many cases when addicts have lost their jobs, loved ones, and even their life. If you are unable to locate a therapy center, you can simply search “opioid clinic near me.” 

Failure Of Previous Treatment Won’t Bring Sobriety. 

Rehabilitation from drug abuse is not a simple method. A patient faces various problems, including anxiety, depression, withdrawal syndrome, pain, and many more. Experience helps local suboxone doctors in New Bedford understand what exactly went wrong. There have been many circumstances when second phase treatment has helped patients completely normalize. When a patient goes under treatment, all that he/she needs is a proper therapy process and comprehensive guided medication.

You Can’t Force Someone For Treatment.

Opioid treatment doesn’t always happen voluntarily. Perhaps, most of the treatment is carried by the kin of the addict. They can be a family member, employer, or even the legal system for the benefit of the patient. Local suboxone clinics in New Bedford have helped many patients. Once they sober up, their mindset eventually changes.

Opioid Treatment Doctors Prescribe Opioid

Opioid treatment is a complex process and is carried by trained suboxone doctors. While suboxone consists of an opioid (Buprenorphine), it equally consists of opioid antagonist medication that cut the cravings and withdrawal syndrome. Meanwhile, the whole process falls under medication-assisted treatment, and the opioid clinic in New Bedford comprehensively tracks the development phases of a patient.

Overcoming Substance Abuse Is Only About Willpower

Prolonged exposure to drugs alters brain functioning. The craving enhances compulsion once the patient starts the consumption. Perhaps, the changes make it extremely difficult to quit further activating the brain receptors. Therefore, it is best to seek opioid treatment doctors in New Bedford and get back normal.

So, these were the most common myth running around. Now, do not wait for any further and get yourself or your loved one to stop the addiction by merely seeking help.    

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